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  • " As a young mom of three children under the age of 4, I was looking for an outlet that was just for me. I heard about Sweet Adelines and was hooked from the first rehearsal I attended. I have learned so much musically and administratively over the years and moved beyond my comfort zone many times. Standing on stage, strutting our stuff, making lifelong friendships, moving our audiences with our song choices and singing for seniors and in hospitals to lift the spirits of so many has been a real joy and privilege." Andrea Shaw

    "Mom lives with us and requires round the clock care due to her moderate dementia. Singing with Eastside is an amazing outlet which has brought me joy and a wonderful social network. In addition it challenges me to strive for excellence while honing my musical skills. It provides heartwarming singing opportunities within in the community and exciting regional competitions to enjoy. Eastside Chorus is a blessing indeed."
    Cynthia Bennett Awe

    I sing tenor and love the singing, choice of songs, the camaraderie and the support of the ladies in Eastside as well as the Region. - Heather Montague

    "In 2010 I had been thinking of joining a singing group for a number of years. I sang in a church folk group and various choirs growing up and knew I wanted to be part of a singing group again. Life always got in the way, though, raising 2 active boys who played hockey and having a full-time career, there never seemed to be time. Then when my oldest son got married, I realized my sons were all grown up and I finally had some time for myself. A friend pointed out an advertisement in a local newspaper and I went out to a rehearsal one Thursday evening to give it a try. I instantly loved the barbershop music, the people in the group and the whole idea of sharing music with audiences. I never looked back and just wish I had found this wonderful hobby many years earlier!"- Susan Boissonneault

    As a busy mom of three I needed something for "me", I have always loved singing. I found Eastside and joined almost 7 years ago. It was one of the best things I have ever done. Singing, friendship/ sisterhood, education, sense of community. I love Eastside !!! - Selena Novak
    - Selena

    “At the time I joined Eastside, I hadn't sung in a choir in 15 years. But getting up on the risers and hearing all those voices around me, all in harmony, really got me excited about singing again! I've made so many great friends at chorus. All that time spent working on our sound, so that we can put on a great show… it's an amazing bonding experience.”- Karen Moonah
    - Karen


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